Gestione Impianti Depurazione Acque S.p.A

The Gestione Impianti Depurazione Acque S.p.A., better known as G.I.D.A., is a mixed private and public limited company consisting of three members:
the Municipality of Prato, the Confindustria Toscana Nord Lucca Pistoia Prato and the CONSIAG Group, which hold 46.92%, 45.08% and 8% of shares respectively.
GIDA was created in 1981 following the introduction of Law 319/76 also known as the ‘legge Merli’. With the construction of the Baciacavallo plant, the first nucleus of the current centralised system of civil and industrial wastewater treatment, the Municipality of Prato and the Prato Industrial Union, , to day Confindustria Toscana Nord Lucca Pistoia Prato, agreed on an appropriate response to the law and, through the constitution of GIDA, created an extraordinary synergy that has guaranteed the indisputable balance between the basic needs of the Prato textile industry and the inalienable needs of the population of Prato.
Currently G.I.D.A. manages treatment plants for the municipalities of Prato, Vaiano, Vernio and Cantagallo, the Calice sewage treatment plant and the industrial aqueduct network.
GIDA is prepared today more than ever to welcome the new challenges required with its role through research and the application of innovative and energy efficient technologies such as the development of wastewater recycling through industrial aqueduct, the strengthening of a liquid waste disposal platform, the harnessing of the energy potential of sludge resulting from treatment, and finally, active cooperation in the realisation of a separate sewer for industrial wastewater.