what we do
The recovery and reuse of wastewater

The supply of water for industrial and civil uses, carried out mostly by the water table through wells, has resulted in the progressive depletion of this resource, which is no longer able to meet overall needs alone.
Aware that it possesses the two main sources of "recyclable" water, Gida has taken on the important role of recovering wastewater for reuse.
In this way, we can promptly address water scarcity, avoiding in the near future the need to dramatically choose between civil and industrial consumption.

Gida manages the purified water refinement plant in operation at the Baciacavallo sewage treatment plant, which was built with government grants from the Accordo di Programma of 2004.

The plant has a production capacity of 6 million cubic meters of water per year.
Annually it produces about 1,5/2,00 million cubic meters.
The G.I.D.A. distribution network extends for 60 km and supplies the two Macrolotto industriale, the city of Prato and the Montemurlo industrial area.
Together with the refinement system owned by Conser S.c.c.p.a, G.I.D.A annually produces 4,000,000 cubic meters of recycled water.