Calice treatment plant

The second largest Prato purifier is Calice, located in the western part of the township, on the border with the Municipality of Agliana and opened in 1985. The plant was adjusted structurally in 2000 and doubled in 2002 with an almost mirror image.
The sewage treatment plant of Prato-Calice (190,000 AE) collects the sewage drained in the western part of the city and those from the neighbouring Municipality of Montemurlo.

On weekdays, the Calice treatment plant can treat up to 39,000 m³/d, breaking down up to 20,000kg/d of COD and 1,100 kg/d of surfactants. It essentially consists of stages for equalization, primary sedimentation, denitrification, biological oxidation, sedimentation, a final flocculation, sand filtering and ozonation. The sludge line consists of gravity thickening, mechanical dewatering by centrifugation and filter presses. The sludge resulting from the treatment process can reach up to 10,000t/a with a variable humidity of between 64 and 74%.